... tell me more!

When is this happening?!

Sunday 1/26/25 until Monday 2/3/25 

What kind of yoga experience is required to attend these classes?

No prior yoga experience needed - ALL levels, ALL genders, ALL sexual identities, ALL cultures and backgrounds welcome. Come as you are 🤍 Simply must be 21+

Can I opt out of the plant medicine portion of the retreat?

Absolutely. The medicine is included in the flat rate of the package, however we would be happy to refund you that portion of the cost if it doesn't feel right. If you are certain you will not want those services, we can discuss lowering the rate up front, however it may feel good to leave that option open and decide in-person at the retreat, after talking with and building trust with the facilitator.

Are the plant medicine sessions for "healing" purposes?

No - we do not claim to guarantee any healing of any kind. We are offering this retreat experience as an opportunity to discover more about yourself throughout your own journey and are primarily there for guidance, support and safety. We do not claim to treat, fix or cure any ailments and can not promise a "therapeutic" experience based on the many variables that make up each individual's journey. However, the facilitator has many years of experience working in this setting and will use her knowledge to assess the needs of each individual as best as possible. Dana, your retreat guide will also be there for support, every step of the way.

Is the "total" price listed in the accommodations section the total cost of the package?

Yes! Price breakdown available upon request.

Will there be any post-retreat support? What should I do to honor my integration period?

One week after parting ways, we will have a post-retreat call to share how integration is going and offer each other support. This will be a group Zoom call - however, if you need any extra 1:1 support, please contact me directly. HIGHLY highly encourage you to take the entire following week as slow and gentle as possible. I understand it can sometimes be hard to get the full 2 weeks off from work, but it would be ideal. Integration is the most important part of the entire journey. Set yourself up for success 🤍

Will there be bugs in my cabin?

Yes, most definitely, since we will be surrounded by nature and the buildings are open plan and not screened. However, there is nothing poisonous or really harmful! The insects you will typically encounter are mosquitoes, moths, spiders, beetles and roaches. We strongly advise that you put all food in the fridge or plastic containers, and the organic waste in the small buckets with lids. Staff strives to minimize the use of toxic chemicals to live more or less in harmony with the ecosystem and encourages their visitors to try the same. So, if you are squeamish about bugs, this retreat may not be for you -- OR you can use it as an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone ;) Bug nets and incense provided.

Tell me more about the cottages!

Both historic and newer accommodations are built in an eco-friendly, open and tropical style, with no screens or air conditioning using reclaimed lumbar and glass bottles. Think, no-frill & humble, yet rich with vintage charm. If you are comfortable with the outdoors, including bugs and the sounds of nature, do not require resort style amenities and are looking to experience true island life, look no further!

Is everything on the itinerary mandatory?

Absolutely not! Every single item on the itinerary is optional - this is YOUR experience... make it YOURS 🤍 I will always encourage my students to do what's best for them. However, there is an invitation here: to show up for yourself by starting every day with yoga + meditation. It can be really beautiful to notice what happens when you commit to that morning routine. I myself struggle with that which is one of the reasons I am so passionate about retreat magic! But, listen to your body. Do what's best for you. Especially when it comes to the excursions. You will see that we have some group activities planned, but we will throw around 1 or 2 alternative options for that day and our shuttle can likely help accommodate those multiple drop offs. Being that we are working with plant medicine, you may feel extra tender, more introverted and less social, so listen to that feeling and know that you can always hang back at the cozy resort to honor that. On the flip side, if there is a day that you want to go on a solo excursion, we can help request a taxi for you to do so :)

Are payment plans available?

Of course! The standard payment plans will be set up for 3 increments, however if this does not work for you, I invite you to reach out to me to explore alternative options. Income-based scholarships available for those who feel very called to this experience but do not have the financial means at this time.

When should I start looking up flights?

ASAP. Highly encourage you to take a peak at flight options before securing your plans, as island flights can sometimes be limited. The airport you will fly into is Hewanorra International Airport and the code is UVF. Complimentary airport shuttle will be available for you upon arrival.

How do I secure my spot/accommodations?

Cottages are first-come, first-served so...

1) Head over to Balenbouche.com to view accommodation options and select your top two cottage preferences, including private room VS shared room etc.
2) Once you've decided, email me at [email protected] with: 1) your top two preferences and 2) any roommate requests.
3) Send a refundable deposit of $250 via venmo to @Dana-Zayac to secure your spot. I will respond to confirm your reservation, or let you know if your preference is already taken. 

Can I set up a discovery call to feel out if this is a good fit for me?

YES! Actually, it is highly encouraged and free of charge. Please email me at [email protected] to arrange a video chat :) I can't wait to hear from you!