testimonials 🤍

I love Dana's classes! She has such an intuitive way with her flows - going beyond a mere sequence of asanas in ways that really invite presence and mindfulness. In her candlelit Yin classes, she creates a nurturing environment with use of candles, aromatherapy, light massage and a thoughtfully crafted altar. I also attended one of her day-retreats where she curated an entire day of relaxation and release which really allowed me to "drop in" in ways a basic class doesn't. With her I've also achieved new poses and improved my Breathwork - something I'd been failing to address for a long time. She brings so much care and thoughtfulness to her offerings. I can't wait to see what new, unique retreats she comes up with next!

- S

I had a transformative experience at Dana Zayac's "Let Your Leaves Fall" yoga retreat. The lessons from the retreat have stuck with me through the season and beyond as a gentle reminder to let go of anything that is holding me back from being my authentic me. Her guidance creates a safe haven to release what no longer serves us. In her sacred space, I found peace, embraced discomfort and was encouraged to breathe through emotions. Trusting Dana's expertise made this retreat truly exceptional.

- B

If I could have one yoga instructor for the rest of my life, it would 1000% be Dana. Her energy is so gentle and calming, and her knowledge shows in her guidance through sessions. She has an extremely compassionate approach and her flows are never mundane. I would (and have! And will!!) follow Dana anywhere to participate in her classes :)

- C

Dana is by far one of my favorite yoga instructors. I love how everything is an invitation and she includes your body's wisdom and approaching your edge with gentle care. I love the flowiness of her flows - the music, her energy. I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived. Whether it's bringing in something new or releasing something old. Going to her yoga retreat in Vernonia, OR was so special! Spending the day practicing yoga with her guidance was a beautifully blissful experience that I would love to do all over again! If you see Dana offering a yoga class, I INVITE you to sign up - she's the best!

- D

Dana, you are a boss! Loved the yoga you led yesterday! Loved the word/intention ritual! Loved the shaking (I shake pretty regularly and my goal is to do it daily) ... love your energy and spirit and yoga cues and the way you held space.

- C